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Obvious Times to Slow Play the Flop

by Reid Young |  Published: Jan 01, 2014


Slow playing feels sexy. So does wearing lipstick, but that doesn’t make it right when your uncle does it. When you trap an opponent and you get to put in that last raise just to see his eyes bug out of his face, you know you have him. That amazing feeling raises slow playing frequencies for all players. Tricking another player is memorable. It creates a story. However, the most profitable poker play is often less theatrical. Slow playing too often creates a disproportionate strategy. A fun way to lose money is still losing. To determine when to slow play on the flop, you should really account for all future turn and river possibilities. That seems like a no brainer to most professional players, but when you try to wrap your head around the fact that there are 2162 possible turn and river combinations, you see how convoluted the decision ...

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