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The Rules Guy: How To Conduct Yourself at the Poker Table

by Card Player News Team |  Published: Jan 01, 2014


Most players learn poker’s explicit rules pretty quickly: the “one-chip rule,” for example, or “verbal declarations are binding.” But not everyone seems to have digested the game’s vast book of unwritten rules, admonitions like “don’t berate other players (particularly bad ones)” or “say ‘nice hand’ even when you mean something entirely different.” Enter “The Rules Guy.” TRG believes that civility and sportsmanship are never wrong, and that bad behavior (even when you’re simply trying to get an edge) is bad for the game. Have you got a question about how to conduct yourself at the poker table? Email TRG at For the Good of the Game Dear The Rules Guy, I’m playing $2-$5 no-limit in a big Vegas card room. Player sits down drunk out of his mind, and proceeds to dust off about $2,000, $200-$300 at a time. He is terrible: cussing, berating the dealer, throwing his cards. ...

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