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How (Not) To Get Stacked

by Ed Miller |  Published: Sep 01, 2013


I watched a hand recently that was played about as badly as a no-limit hold’em hand can be played. Both players in the hand made, at one point or another, expensive mistakes. In all, I counted three separate plays that were mistakes. (The initial preflop raise — including its sizing — is arguably an additional mistake, but I’m not going to talk about that.) These mistakes were all whoppers. They were the sort of mistakes that make it virtually impossible for you to win in the long term if your thought process permits you to make them. The hand stuck out to me, as even though the mistakes are very large, I believe many no-limit players would be unable to identify at least one of them. Here’s the hand. A loose player opens from three off the button to $25 in a $2-$5 game. The button calls. The small blind, ...

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