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The Rebuilding of Online Poker In America

American Online Poker Consumers Again Wind Up Last in Line

by Bob Pajich |  Published: Jul 24, 2013


Two years have passed since Black Friday and for the first time since then, online poker has returned to the United States in an extremely limited way. Within the next several years, access to online poker sites will slowly return to the lucky residents of states that choose to give their taxpayers access to online poker sites while the simplest solution remains off the table: Allow Americans to play on any poker site they wish. Unfortunately, that request is much too simple for the complicated and seemingly arbitrary ways laws are made in this country, especially with the billions of dollars at stake. “There’s so much legal gambling in this country that legalizing one form is no big deal politically, but there’s so much legal gambling in this country that almost every state has very powerful, entrenched special interests,” says I. Nelson Rose, professor of law at Whittier College in ...

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