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Paddy’s Corner

by Padraig Parkinson |  Published: Apr 01, 2013


Men With Vision: Mike, Rob and Me The World Poker Tour Dublin was what you’d expect at a major event in Ireland these days. Half the tables were populated by guys who loved themselves and would have loved themselves even more if they weren’t constipated. The rest were having the craic and giving the impression that poker was fun. Strange concept that. After several levels of sheer boredom, I got moved to a seat beside Andy Black at a table where insults were flying and people were breaking all the rules by laughing quite a lot. If anyone even looked like they were going to dwell up, they were told not very politely to “get on with it FFS”, and they did. I had made a New Year resolution to keep my mouth shut, but couldn’t help myself when an English guy started moaning about players not getting food vouchers. ...

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