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Don't Get Married To Your Hands

by Roy Cooke |  Published: Dec 01, 2012


Many weak players value their hands merely by how they rank without considering how their hand will play in the current situation. In their narrowly focused thinking, top pair is a good hand, top two a better one, etcetera. This approach often causes them to make poor decisions and lose a lot of equity. Good players base their evaluation on how their hand compares equity-wise to their read of their opponents’ holdings. On the river, two deuces that are good is a much better hand than a full house that isn’t. Although obvious, some players never modify their thinking to the relative approach and base their play solely on their hand ranking. Some do it even when they know they are beat. They’re the “I had to call, I had top pair” rationalizing type of player who seldom wins. I was deep into a $40-$80 limit hold’em sit at the ...

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