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Hand 2 Hand Combat: Tony “Bond18” Dunst

by Rebecca McAdam |  Published: Dec 01, 2012


Rebecca McAdam: Can you set the scene for when this hand occurred? Tony Dunst: Jacksonville was the second to last event in the World Poker Tour [WPT] season. Going into the event, Joe Serock had just surpassed [Will] Failla on the WPT POY [Player Of The Year] leader board and needed a strong result to set himself apart. By making this final table he surpassed Joe, but if he could finish in the top few spots he would put himself in a much more secure position. RM: Would you say you know his game at all? Did you have a sense of his ranges? TD: Failla plays a style where he likes to go to many flops, generally plays tight, but is capable of getting creative post-flop. He favors calling re-raises pre instead of making four-bets. It was hard to have a sense of his range in this specific spot ...

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