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Crushing Live Poker With Twitter

by Bart Hanson |  Published: Oct 03, 2012


@BartHanson: Flop sizing is a really good indicator of hand strength from a preflop continuation better. Bigger bets usually are stronger #crushlivepoker One of the easiest patterns to pick up when dealing with weaker, inexperienced players is bet sizing. More often than not, when your opponent flops what he thinks is the best hand after being the preflop raiser, he will bet bigger. This is especially true when the pot is multiway and the board is draw-heavy. One of the worst things that can happen psychologically to recreation players is getting sucked out on. That is why you see a trend, at the lower levels, of betting to protect one’s hand instead of betting for value. These types of opponents want to drive out the draws because usually they are incapable of folding what they perceive to be big hands.  Great players will keep their continuation betting amounts balanced so ...

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