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Playing an Extremely Short Stack – Part 6

by Steve Zolotow |  Published: Oct 03, 2012


First, let me begin with a brief recap of some points from previous columns in this series. Fold equity is created by going all-in and winning an uncontested pot. If your stack becomes extremely short, you have little or no fold equity. This means you will need to beat one or more opponents often enough to have plus equity in these contended pots. You should make every reasonable effort to go all-in while you still have fold equity. If you no longer have fold equity, you have an extremely short stack. The situation is already desperate and, it becomes correct to play increasingly weak hands. There is an old proverb which states that “desperate times call for desperate measures.” It is also sometimes phrased as “desperate men do desperate things.” The point is that you are forced to take some low percentage actions to avoid the terrible fate of blinding ...

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