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The Flop Stunk...But It Still Might Have Won!

by Roy Cooke |  Published: Sep 01, 2012


Play of hands on the flop creates some of the toughest decisions in limit hold’em. The permutations are infinite, with position, player composition, opponents’ hand ranges, emotional factors, pot size, odds, and the cards on the flop all creating a soup of factors that needs to be intellectually digested in order to formulate the correct decision. Even highly experienced, knowledgeable players have severe problems analyzing all the circumstances. It’s what makes this game so much fun! Playing $40-80 limit hold’em at the Bellagio, I folded UTG. Right behind me, “Slinging Steve Schlesinger”, a New York attorney extraordinaire and regular visitor to the game, flashed me the K K and hit it a lick. Another tourist called the $80 cold, and Marv, a good friend of Steve’s who seeks every plausible opportunity to suck out on his buddy, slid in eight chips in the cutoff position. A fast action player called ...

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