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European Masters of Poker: A Different Class

by Roy Brindley |  Published: Sep 01, 2012


A congratulatory email, a creased t-shirt, baseball cap, and a mouse mat. That can be the extent of your hospitality when qualifying online for a live tournament. Not much of a memento especially as, to many, winning an overseas trip in an online tournament is both a memorable experience and notable achievement. Admittedly some poker sites make more effort than others. A complimentary rucksack containing a branded pen may also be laid out on your hotel room bed. I am being harsh here. The likes of Unibet do issue free drinks vouchers aplenty when piggybacking themselves into a nearby nightclub but does that really constitute the advertised party? As I conceded to that particular Microgaming skin recently: Hosting a live poker event is clearly not easy, it’s like hosting an orgy, renowned as a place where it is hard to please everyone. Indeed, “playing poker on competitor’s site during commentary; ...

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