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Mixed Games, Where to Start? Part II (Stud Games)

by Jonathan Green |  Published: Jul 25, 2012


My last article was a beginner’s guide to transitioning from no-limit Texas hold’em to the various mixed games, starting with the draw games. This article will again focus on how to learn new games with a concentration on the various seven card stud games you will encounter. Stud Games The stud games in question that are the most commonly spread include: seven-card stud high, seven-card stud eight-or-better, razz, and razz-deucey. Seven-card stud high: Players start with three cards where the first two are dealt face down clockwise starting from the left of the dealer, one card at a time, and the third is dealt face up, otherwise known as third street. Players ante prior to receiving any cards. The bring-in bet is a forced bet which must be paid by the lowest face up card on third street. Once the bring-in is determined, action starts to the left of the ...

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