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Head Games: Tom Schneider, Sorel Mizzi and Steve O'Dwyer

How The Pros Think During The Early Stages Of A Tournament

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: Apr 01, 2012


!(){width:517px;height:244px;margin:3px 3px;border:0px solid;}×244.jpg! Craig Tapscott: What situations or opportunities are you keeping a keen eye out for during the early stages of a tournament? Tom Schneider: There are several factors for me: How many players are at the table, the starting stack size compared to the blinds, what is the table breaking order, how active or aggressive do I think the players will be, and the blind and ante structure. Next, if the table is nine or ten-handed and the tournament has a reasonably slow structure and my table is not going to break soon, I would rather not be too active in the early stages so I can create an image of patience and solid starting hand selection. The early stages are the time to pay attention to how others are playing and try to pick up reads on people. After the antes kick in, I believe there is ...

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