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The Poker Ten -- Overused Poker Terms And Expressions

by Card Player News Team |  Published: Apr 01, 2012


This issue we look at the most overused poker terms and expressions, as suggested by an overwhelming response from our Facebook fans. It seems like most players have a pet peeve from the unofficial poker dictionary. Here are some of the most (un)popular: 1. Ship It: This expression usually comes from the mouth of a person who just won a large pot. The common reason for its unpleasantness is that the player who lost the hand usually interprets it as rude. One of our Facebook users described it as the most tilting thing one can hear at a poker table. 2. One Time: The issue with this cliche is that sometimes players ask for their “one time” multiple times. Likely they’ve already used their “one time,” but some poker memories fade pretty fast. 3. Sick: The word has so much versatility at the poker table that it comes as no ...

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