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Sole Survivor

My Irish Winter Festival Part III

by Niall Smyth |  Published: Apr 01, 2012


My Irish Winter Festival — Part III Day three started quite surprisingly I was first out of bed and made it down for breakfast — another first and proud accomplishment of mine for the weekend. I’ve stayed at least 50+ times in hotels and have never made breakfast in time, paid for or not. We hadn’t booked in for that night so we packed our stuff and returned the couch to its original spot minus the cushions and managed not to get seen. It was only when we left the room — three men, three bags in one hand and three cushions in the other that we were seen by one of the cleaning staff. Only for her mouth being so far open in shock she might have asked us WTF we were doing! Anyway back to poker. I had an easy game plan for the day — double up ...

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