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The 300 Club

Here’s a look at the players who have managed to cross the 300,000 mark. Scott Patch — 320,000 Johnny Gomez — 315,000 David Levy — 310,000 David McLaughlin — 305,000

Narcissism and Poker — Part II

by Roy Cooke |  Published: Mar 07, 2012


My last column discussed an exceptionally narcissistic young man and described some of the ways his narcissism hurts him. Wikipedia said, “‘narcissism’ often means inflated self-importance, inflated self-perception of abilities, egoism, vanity, conceit.” Like moths to a flame, narcissists are drawn to gambling. Their feelings of entitlement and superiority make poker a natural fit for their thinking. But at the poker table such traits can get you into a heap of trouble. Narcissistic thinking, particularly if your game is poor, has numerous negative effects on your game. Not only will you make poor game and hand selection decisions, but you won’t strive to improve your game. After all, you’re not the problem; you genuinely think external factors are causing your losses. Denial may help your self-image, but it won’t help your poker game. Handicapping your abilities against your opponents is crucial, not just when selecting games, but also when selecting ...

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