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Fancy Plays

by Roy Cooke |  Published: Nov 30, 2011


Fancy Play Syndrome. That’s what Mike Caro calls it. To Mike, FPS is a psychological disorder that afflicts otherwise good players, turns them into wild wagering, unthinking monsters full of narcissism. They try to get “too clever by half,” often making non-standard plays when the conventional move is the right one. I’ve sorta got a slice of that disease. I love making fancy plays, but only when they add to my edge, which some non-standard plays do. But in order to be able to make fancy plays successfully, you need the capacity to conclude when the play has an edge and when it doesn’t. That involves being a good reader of your opponents and understanding poker conceptually. A highly aggressive player raised an upfront limper from middle position in a $40-$80 limit hold’em game at Bellagio. I was directly behind him holding the K J and flat called. The game ...

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