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Top Ten: Poker’s One-Hit Tournament Wonders

WSOP Main Event Champions Dominate the List

by Julio Rodriguez |  Published: Dec 01, 2011


It’s easy to look at a list of one-hit wonders and think they were simply lucky to win a major tournament and didn’t have the skills to win another. That could be a reasonable assumption for some, but completely wrong for others. Some players win big and then never do again because they move on to other interests, possibly investing the money into more lucrative career paths. It’s hard to really know why someone is a one-hit wonder. Nonetheless, for whatever reason, the following are your top 10 biggest one-hit tournament wonders over the past 10 years. 1. Jerry Yang: The man known as “The Shadow” has undoubtedly been one of poker’s biggest ambassadors since his World Series of Poker main event win in 2007, but he’s done so by touting the charitable side of the game. Yang donates his time to numerous causes, but has managed just over six-figures ...

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