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Sole Survivor

by Niall Smyth |  Published: Dec 01, 2011


Last month saw our hero enter the $2,500 buy in half Omaha/half stud fixed-limit eight-or-better at the World Series of Poker despite barely ever having played stud before. Here’s how it went…I’m into the tournament three hours and my worst fears are confirmed I still haven’t won one pot of the stud. The kicker is I don’t know if I’m running bad or playing too tight. It was probably playing too tight as that was the plan going in; observe the stud and just play the best of the best starting hands, it was just unfortunate that I wasn’t fully sure what they were. First hand I did win was when I filled up on fifth and beat Barney’s flush. This hand didn’t go to seventh street, Barney [Boatman] folded his flush on fifth when I bet and showed me. This would be a very big fold on fifth especially ...

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