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Tom Marchese’s Transition

From online cash games to live tournaments

by Reid Young |  Published: Apr 29, 2011


As poker players, our points of view on the games we play change as time passes. We learn how to exploit ranges and how better to understand the mentality of the opposition. We even make the transition from game to game to follow the action. For some, like Card Player 2010 Player of the Year Tom Marchese, that point of view shifts because of explosive success in a new area of poker — tournaments. Marchese’s success has been well-documented in Card Player and around the world. He won or made the final table of so many tournaments in the last year that he’s gotten all of the game’s finest asking the same question: “How did he do it?” People who are familiar with his game know that his success is no accident. He’s been crushing some of the highest-stakes deep-stack cash games online over the last few years, using the ...

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