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Legalise It?

by Jennifer Mason |  Published: Oct 01, 2010


When it comes to online gaming, the UK seems to offer few restrictions, wide choice, and lenient attitudes to personal funding and withdrawing on gaming sites, which with large notable exceptions welcome players of most nationalities — for now. This might be why when I asked some online poker playing friends to tell me what UIGEA stood for, they were hard pressed to do so. “Untaxable Income Generator Except America?” was my favourite guess. Similarly HR 2267 sounds like someone’s sort code, and House Financial Services Committee Chair Barney Frank is hardly a household name in a country which Annie Duke, spokesperson for the Poker Players’ Alliance (PPA), holds up as an example of a population which has seen numbers of people participating in online poker (and other sorts of gaming) steadily rise but in which problem gambling hasn’t rocketed in the manner in which opponents of reform see as ...

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