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Folding a Set?

by Daragh Thomas |  Published: Oct 01, 2010


This was a hand that was recently posted on a poker forum for discussion. It was played on a deep six-max no-limit hold’em tournament on PokerStars. The blinds are 25-50 and the hero has 6,780 in chips while the villain covers. (That means the effective stack is 135 blinds). The villain seems to have been playing pretty tight, but has given away little or no information to this point. From middle position the villain min-raises to 100. The small blind calls, and the hero calls the extra 50 chips with 4-4. The flop comes K-8-4 rainbow. Both of the blinds check, as does the player in middle position. So it’s all three of them to the turn, which is a queen completing the rainbow. The small blind checks again, and the hero bets out for 200 into 300 with his bottom set. The villain calls the 200 and the small ...

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