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Tournament Tales

by Nick Heather |  Published: Oct 01, 2010


World Series of Poker Part II Well, day two of the main event didn’t exactly go as planned. Right from the get go it was a disaster. I misplaced my chip count receipt so I was late getting to my seat. I saw the dealer was just starting a new deal so i rushed into my seat to grab my cards. I just get hold of them in time and it folds around to me in the cut-off and I see A-3 offsuit. The blinds are 200-400 and I make it 1,000. It folds to the big blind who is the only other young guy on the table, everyone else is 35 plus, and without much thought he makes it 3,200. Assuming he is competent, it seems like a really easy spot for him to three-bet and win the pot, particularly because it is literally the first hand I have ...

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