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$50,000 Poker Players Championship: Part II

A tough start to the 2010 World Series

by Todd Brunson |  Published: Aug 06, 2010


When we left off in my last column, I was having my ass handed to me in the $50,000 Players Championship event. I couldn’t win even the smallest of pots, and kept running into monsters when I did manage to make something. It was looking like I was gonna get an eo (dealer lingo for early out) on day one. It was somewhat late on day one when I picked up an interesting hand in stud eight-or-better: 9 8 7, with the 9 up. Now, all of my cards were live, but this is still not a hand I’m crazy about. I practically never used to play it until I had a conversation with my friend David Sklansky. He said that it has so much drawing power that you should practically never throw it away when your cards are live. I pointed out that everyone would have a good idea ...

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