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Going Live – Reversal of Player Transition

by Jennifer Mason |  Published: May 01, 2010


When online poker was hitting its pre-U.S.-ban peak, I was working as a dealer at the Gutshot card club in Farringdon, London, half the week, and trying out online poker like a lot of English people for the first time. The experience was less technical than it is now, and, it’s true, the games weren’t as tough (although the way people who were still in school at the time wistfully look back at the clueless pioneers is a little unfair, in my opinion). The use of data mining, tracking software, and table selection tools was pretty much unheard of, and if you said “ICM” to someone they were likely to ask you if those guys made computers. There were people ahead of the trend, working at online poker as a job even then, keeping meticulous records and generating graphs and unpublicised profit galore, but the multiple-monitored, Heads Up Display (HUD)-sporting ...

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