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No-Limit Hold'em - Another Deep Hand

by Daragh Thomas |  Published: May 01, 2010


Last month we took a look at a hand a student of mine played that was 300 big blinds (bbs) deep. This month we are taking a look at another interesting hand, this time 250bbs deep. The big difference is in the stakes. Last month’s was $0.50/$1, this month’s is a live $100/$200. Any of you who used to play on Tribeca network may know the hero of the hand, Eskaborr. I picked this hand, firstly because it’s fascinating, but secondly because it deals with a concept I wanted to talk about up to this point but haven’t had a chance. All poker players are aware that you sometimes need to bluff rivers, but a recent fad has been for players to realise that even though they have a made hand (something that ordinarily would seem good enough for showdown), sometimes the best play is to turn it into a ...

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