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Power to The People

by Rebecca McAdam |  Published: May 01, 2010


Generally there are two types of poker players. The first usually starts out as a name, gradually gaining the attention of the public. Results are known long before the person behind them is, and the hype surrounding what quickly becomes a commodity spreads like a virus and infects every pore of the poker community. The second is the kind of person who manages to steer clear of this hype and attention despite consistently good results and a personality that works hand-in-hand with their game. People who have sat at the same table as these players often know just as much about the person’s character as their game. But these players are few and far in between. It is hard however to deny the charm of a cheeky Irishman with a toothy grin and a heart bigger than the poker room it typically resides in. The man in question is Ireland’s ...

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