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Don’t Inspire Your Opponents

Choose the aggressive path

by Matt Lessinger |  Published: Mar 05, 2010


In an ideal world, all of our opponents would fear us. Then, we could open up every weapon in our poker arsenal, enabling us to win far more than our fair share of pots. But realistically, very few of us have a style that strikes fear into all of our opponents while still being profitable. If you are the massive chip leader at a final table, that might be one of the few fortunate times that everyone fears you. But unless your name is Phil Ivey, you aren’t going to scare your opponents just by staring at them. But if we can’t get our opponents to fear us, we can at least make sure that they don’t start getting brave against us. There are always opponents who make me think to myself, “When they’re in the blinds, I’m going to look to raise.” It’s not just because they are tight, ...

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