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Bring Three Barrels to a Gunfight!

by Andrew Arnott |  Published: Nov 13, 2009


Game: $100 buy-in, 50¢-$1 no-limit hold’em cash game Opponent: Unknown player in the small blind Stacks: Mine: $102.45; His: $105.65 My Cards: J 10 My Position: Button One piece of advice that amateur players often overlook when playing is: “If you’re gonna go to war, you’d better bring some ammo!” And while I’m not recommending that you go to your next poker game and start flinging your chips left and right, you should be aware that if you do start a big bluff, you’d better be prepared to follow through. In this column, I’m going to review a triple-barrel bluff that I ran, and show that, in certain spots, it is necessary to have a three-barrel bluff in your arsenal. In a 50¢-$1 blinds, $100 buy-in six-max cash game on PokerStars, I raised to $3 with the J 10 from the button. The small blind called, and the big blind ...

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