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Las Vegas Virgins

by Jennifer Mason |  Published: Sep 01, 2009


I spent the whole month of June in Las Vegas; a stretch of time which would undoubtedly have resulted in slot machine noise-induced psychosis had it not been in a huge house off-strip. Groups of players who want to be able to get up and eat cereal in their own kitchen before tackling the crush of the Amazon Room at the Rio have long known the benefits of renting privately over total hotel immersion. This time round, the small UK stable of Neil Channing’s Black Belt Poker were the beneficiaries of their own swimming pool (complete with waterfall and miniature grotto), pool table, and a house which could comfortably sleep the nightly population of the Victoria Casino. That’s where I spent the first few weeks watching how eight young, mainly online players would adapt to the culture shock and general poker overload which awaited them. For a start, the variety ...

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