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The Todd Brunson Montana Challenge

by Todd Brunson |  Published: Sep 01, 2009


My first Montana tournament was held this past May. Why didn’t you hear about it? Well, this one was kind of like a dry run. We didn’t advertise it outside of Montana. I didn’t even invite many of my close friends. Scotty Nguyen recently came up to me and said, “Baby, I heard you had a tournament. Why, why, why you not imbite me, Baby?” Then, Chau Giang walked up to me and said … Well, I don’t know what the hell he said, ’cause I don’t speak Chinamanese English, but I think it was about not being invited to my tournament; I’m still not sure. Anyway, I explained to both of them that I had never run a tournament before and I wanted the first one to be small just in case I screwed up. The purpose of this first event was to make everyone happy, not to make ...

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