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Sports Desk

|  Published: Sep 01, 2009


by Aodhan Elder Football is Back There is no doubting that Manchester City are the team to watch in the Premier League this season. With their lavish spending they can assemble a jaw-dropping array of talent. The problems arise when estimating the impact that such arrivals will have on the team’s performance. Looking at the examples of Chelsea and Blackburn, you can deduce that buying success is possible, but it’s important to note that as sudden as their respective ascents may have seemed, they were built on solid foundations — foundations more steady than those at Eastlands. Prior to claiming the Premier League of 1994/95, Blackburn had finished fourth and then second, taking an average haul of 1.88 points from every game they played. Ahead of the Pensioners’ success, they recorded the same position in the league and accrued 1.92 points per game. Over the last two seasons, City have ...

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