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Michigan Cracks Down On Charity Poker

Some In State Complaining That Casinos Are Behind New Rules


The state of Michigan is cracking down on charity poker games, as well as other types of casino-style fundraisers, because officials think there is misconduct. The state reportedly has issued citations for a host of violations, as the rules governing such games have gotten stricter with time.

According to MLive; “Starting in September, poker rooms will be limited to hosting three charities per day with maximum chip sales of $45,000. Some poker rooms had been running six charities with chips sales of up to $90,000. Events also must be wrapped up by 12 a.m. instead of 2 a.m. Other rules govern tips, seed money and charity qualifications.”

Some think that the crackdown on charity poker rooms is coming because of casino interests in the state, which apparently lose out on revenue because of the non-profit games. State officials have denied any sort of connection to the recent changes and enforcement.

MLive reported that the state’s 2,525 active charities — ones with gambling fundraisers — brought in about $15.8 million for charitable causes from gambling in 2012, after gross revenues of $184.3 million. A total of $19.2 million was won in fiscal year 2011.

Games that charities are allowed to run include bingo, poker and blackjack. Some of the establishments, or permanent poker rooms, serve food and alcohol.

For more, check out the in-depth story from MLive.

For more news from Michigan, check out its state page.



1 year ago

Why crack down on the number of licenses allowed per day per room claiming it's because of violations instead of offering training to charities like they have asked???

Why force them to close at midnight for security reasons without requiring they have security???

Why have the number of license issued by the Michigan Gaming Control Board dropped 70% since they took over 11 months ago???

Don't tell me the casinos are not behind it...


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