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Finding Longevity With Critical Adjustments

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: May 01, '24

… of poker theory grew, so did my enjoyment of the game. It … years back, a friend (cash game professional) and I exchanged … computing power continue improving, the game will get tougher. Having … Barone: In recent years, the optimal style has shifted towards …

GT-NO: Game Theory Optimal 101 and 201

by David Sklansky |  Published: Apr 17, '24

… if you are in a game where it must be used … is the author of The Theory of Poker, as well as …

GT-NO: Go Node Lock Yourself

by David Sklansky |  Published: Apr 03, '24

… . It will still be a Game Theory Optimal strategy, but it will be … his opponent play his standard game, and asking the computer to … best of it in your game because there are some amateurs … is the author of The Theory of Poker, as well as …

GT-NO: Manipulating For A Bracelet (Watch)

by David Sklansky |  Published: Mar 20, '24

… fair, heads-up poker game with two players and … opponent who knows your Nash/Game Theory Optimal(GTO) strategy won’t … being true if the game is multiway. It doesn’ … go into a small game with bad players, follow … is the author of The Theory of Poker, as well …

Dara O’Kearney: How Should You Play To Move Up In Stakes? 

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: Mar 06, '24

… direction. Please define the GTO (Game Theory Optimal) and Exploitive styles and … this exploit into their game will tend to win, … every level (assuming their GTO game is good enough) without … use solvers to identify the optimal exploits (the method myself …

GT-NO: Poker Strategy Isn’t Apples And Oranges

by David Sklansky |  Published: Mar 06, '24

… . Game Theory Optimal (GTO) strategies can be used for almost any game. … this is an even game. But because we don … dollar. Thus, in this game I can guarantee myself … cents on average per game, and there is nothing … the author of The Theory of Poker, as well …

Theory Of Poker Author David Sklansky On Being a GTO Deviant

by Julio Rodriguez |  Published: Feb 21, '24

… : Game theory optimal (GTO) poker is not a new concept. David Sklansky: The Theorygame theory. The only difference between the game theory I wrote about and the game theory … more cards to come. The game theory involved bluffing vs. not bluffing …

Stop Continuation Betting Every Single Time!

by Jonathan Little |  Published: Dec 27, '23

… in a $2-$5 cash game and only the player on … is somewhat close to the game theory optimal strategy, there are still times … to help you improve your game, I put together a course …

Playing vs. An Open: Part 1

by Ryan Laplante |  Published: Nov 01, '23

… mid-stacks preflop. Preflop theory ranges are constructed based … opponents are playing purely Game Theory Optimal (GTO). For this situation, … and 9-8 suited. How theory plays against this open … better understand how preflop theory works in tournaments, and …

Understanding The Wacky World Of GTO Poker

by Ryan Laplante |  Published: Oct 18, '23

… , or Game Theory Optimal, is simply the way to play any game in which … player, or the closest to theory vs. an elite pro, both … general ideas that go into theory decision making. Once you have … complex world of post-flop theory. You should be spending about …

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