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Buy-In: $2,350 + $150
Prize Pool: $2,218,125
Entrants: 975

$2,500 CPPT No-Limit Hold'em $1 Million GTD

  • Nov 11, '21 - Nov 14, '21


Updates on Final Day (Nov 14, 21)


EZ Waigel Wins 2021 Card Player Poker Tour Venetian Main Event ($417,004)

After a dominating final-table performance that saw him eliminate five of his opponents, Ezequiel ‘EZ’ Waigel is the 2021 Card Player Poker Tour Venetian main event champion.

The 29-year-old poker pro from Argentina banked $417,004 for the win, the largest score of his career. It also bests the $263,627 he pocketed last month after finishing second in the Wynn Classic mystery bounty event.

Waigel has been coming to Las Vegas for years but said this trip was particularly great, not just because of his results, but also because he got to experience Las Vegas in the fall instead of the summer.

“This is a great time of the year to be here, and I’m having a lot of fun,” said Waigel.

Waigel said he felt like he was destined to win the tournament, especially after a hot start on day 1 that included several knockouts.

“It’s pretty funny. You never know your destiny,” he explained. “I was supposed to get seat 3 yesterday during the redraw, but they gave me seat 6 instead. That ended up being a good seat.”

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Kevin O'Donnell Eliminated In Second Place ($287,247)

Kevin O'DonnellKevin O’Donnell limped in on the button and Ezeqiel Waigel raised to 1,400,000.

O’Donnell then moved all in for about 6,000,000, and Waigel made the call, turning over ADiamond SuitJClub Suit.

O’Donnell knew he was in trouble and started calling for a four, showing AClub Suit4Heart Suit. Unfortunately for the Scottsdale, Arizona bar owner, the board of JSpade Suit7Heart Suit5Heart Suit7Diamond Suit5Spade Suit wasn’t any help, sending him to the rail.

O’Donnell earned $287,247 for his runner-up showing, the second largest score of his career behind the $494,797 he earned for his deep run in the 2006 WSOP main event.

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Level 35

Play continues as the blinds increase to 200,000-400,000 with a 400,000 big blind ante.

O’Donnell — 6,950,000
Waigel — 32,050,000


O'Donnell Gets Some Momentum

O’Donnell just picked off a river bluff from Waigel with bottom pair of fives. When he saw that he was right, he stood up and gave a fist pump to his rail. He’s now back up to 9 million in chips.


Waigel Gets Paid On River Raise

On a board reading KHeart Suit4Club Suit2Diamond Suit5Diamond SuitJSpade Suit, O’Donnell bet 525,000.

Waigel then raised to 1,825,000, prompting O’Donnell to get out of his seat.

After a few moments, he stuck in the chips, and Waigel showed him JHeart Suit5Spade Suit for two pair. O’Donnell is now back down to 6 million in chips, while Waigel has 33 million.


Level 34

Play continues as the blinds raise to 150,000-300,000 with a 300,000 big blind ante.

O’Donnell has been able to mount a small comeback, and now has 10 million in chips to Waigel’s 29 million.


Back And Forth

The two players have played a few pots to showdown, but remain exactly where they started heads-up play. O’Donnell still has 5 million, while Waigel holds 34 million.


Heads Up

Here are the chip counts as heads-up play begins.

Ezequiel Waigel — 34,000,000
Kevin O’Donnell — 5,000,000


Fabian Gumz Eliminated In Third Place ($210,722)

Fabian GumzWaigel moved in from the small blind and Gumz called off from the big blind for his last 2,550,000.

Waigel held ASpade SuitQClub Suit and it held against KHeart Suit6Heart Suit as the board fell 9Club Suit7Spade Suit7Heart Suit8Spade Suit3Club Suit.

Gumz picks up $210,722 for third place.

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Tibor Nagygyoergy Eliminated In Fourth Place ($157,487)

Waigel raised all in from the button and Nagygyoergy called off for his last four big blinds with QHeart Suit10Spade Suit.

Waigel held KClub Suit2Heart Suit and he made two pair on a board of AHeart SuitKHeart Suit2Club Suit9Diamond SuitQDiamond Suit to bust Nagygyoergy in fourth place.

Nagygyoergy earns $117,561, and Waigel closes in on the win with almost 30 million in chips.

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