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CPPT V - December Extravaganza

$3,500 No-Limit Hold'em $500K GTD


Mike Dentale Wins 2017 CPPT Venetian December Extravaganza Main Event

Mike Dentale has won the 2017 Card Player Poker Tour Venetian December Extravaganza $3,500 no-limit hold’em main event. The 47-year-old window business owner from Brooklyn, New York defeated a field of 235 entries to win ...

Hand Matchup Poker Quiz -- What Would You Do With KdQd In This Spot?

What Would You Do and Why?


What would you do with KdQd in this spot?Card Player documents some of the most talked-about hands in the poker world with Poker Hand Matchups. Getting the analysis of a hand is great, but we’d like to see what you, the reader, would do if you got the chance to sit down with the pros.

Each week, we’ll bring you a scenario straight from real life events in some of the biggest tournaments on the circuit. Card Player readers can use their CPsocial accounts to voice their opinions in the comments section below. You can also log in using your Facebook or Twitter page.

If we find a particularly articulate answer we like, we’ll send you some swag from the Card Player Poker Store.


Blinds: 100-200

Your Hand: KDiamond Suit QDiamond Suit

Stack Sizes: You (27,100) Player A (29,000) Player B (38,000)

The Action: Nine-handed early in a tournament, you raise to 500 from early position, Player A calls in middle position, and Player B reraises to 2,000 in late position. You make the call and Player A folds.

On a flop of QSpade Suit 8Spade Suit 2Diamond Suit, you check and Player B bets 3,100. You check-raise to 7,625 and Player B moves all in, having your remaining 17,475 covered. What do you do with top pair here?


Option A: Fold

Option B: Call

Comment below as to what you would do and why, and then find out what the real players did in the actual hand using the Poker Hand Matchups.

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7 years ago

This early in a tournament, I feel that even though the villain is trying to push you off with a flush draw, it is simply too early to stack off with just a pair. AA, AQ, KK and QQ, as well as 88 and 22(though less likely) have you beat here, and Villain has you covered in chips. Assuming this is a deep stack with a good blind structure, there will be better opportunities. I am definitely assuming the Hero did not do this, though - otherwise this hand would be way too uninteresting!


7 years ago

Correct play is to fold. To re-raise a person pre-flop when they raise from early position usually means extreme strentgh. To check raise on flop I believe is fine. Check raising again shows extreme strength. So anyways since you've KQ showed so much strenght for the late position to go all in means he must have a very strong hand. KQ is never good here.


7 years ago

Fold, this is AQ+ so often, this early and this deep, I don't even like the c/r. you can safely fold and still have ~100bb to continue with. this deep you can call and reevaluate, V may have a PP <QQ and making a standard cbet and may shut down if you call. Lead out lots of non k,a, spade turns makes sense to me as well. You still have one pair OOP, no need to go potszo.


7 years ago

This seems to be a clear fold as played. Not only did the hero check-raise the villain on a board that could easily have said villain (AQ, QQ+, but earlier in the hand the hero raised from early position and flat called a big 3bet out of position. This should show the villain a significant amount of strength. In addition, the bet sizes give the villain's shove little fold equity: the hero is getting about 2:1 on a call. All of this information combined with the fact that both players involved are very deep makes me think that this is a fold.


7 years ago

Option A:Easy fold...Before he call our check-reise,we think that he making continuation bet but after he called i really think that the hand is over for us,many players will fold after check-raise but he goes all in(its very stupid to bluff so early in tournament)so i think he's winner with AQ or 888


7 years ago

No doubter fold. You are under a 20% chance if up against AQ, less than 15% if against KK/AA. You see this a lot when a player is chasing you out with his/her flush draw or over pair. It's dumb for a player to go all in this early in a tournament, but not dumber than a player who calls in this spot with only top pair. You cannot win unless you fold in this spot.


7 years ago

The check raise on the flop is horrible if you're not gonna stack off. Best play is to check call flop.


7 years ago

I'd like to know the tournament structure. What was starting chip stack, and the buy in? Regardless i guess, this early in a tournament I wouldn't risk it. I can beat a bunch of hands but the villian could have hit his set of 8s, have a monster draw with AsKs, AQ, KK or AA. Raising to 10x the blind preflop is making me think the set or AQ for some reason and really not wanting to see the third spade.


7 years ago

Check raise flop is bad, but as played you put in over 1/3 of your chips already so call and suckout!


7 years ago

KdQd raise to 2.5x BB and then gets re-raised to 10x BB suggests the villain has:

possibly JJ or TT (but highly unlikely)

After flop, the Check-Raise would scare away any AK (unless the player is a newbie with AKs and is pushing for flush draw). Now JJ & TT are also dead hands, since these are easily dominated by the Q overcard. Thus, leaving AA, KK, and QQ --- all of these own KQ, so it's an obvious fold.

I think only a newbie villain would push all their chips in with AQ in this scenario, since it's completely unnecessary, and can be easily dominated by so many other potential hands. So it's highly unlikely that the villain has this hand either!