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Scott Fischman Latest Player to Sign with Online Poker Site


Scott Fischman, the young professional poker player and columnist, has joined the Extreme Team. He joins Juha Helppi, Kathy Liebert, Robert Varkonyi and Pete "the Beat" Giordano as pros.

Fischman will be more than a pretty face at, and he has big plans for his new role with the company as a consultant. is giving Fischman a block of time where he will run whatever tournament he wants, and he says he's already have had meetings with company directors about how to make the tournaments at the site better.

He says the site has plans to launch a new type of online poker tournament that will "revolutionize" the game.

"It's going to be a brand new type of online tournament. I can't wait until it starts," he says. "InterPoker seems to have welcomed me with open arms, to let me really get down in the trenches and tell them what I want to do."

The site also hired Fischman to attract some of the more serious higher limit online players, he says. He's also bringing some of the players from his site,, over to Previously, his site was associated with Since contracts weren't yet signed, names of the players who will follow him weren't available at press time.

Fischman writes the popular web log "In the Tank," which can be found at, and is one of the best tournament and online players in the world age 25 and younger. His lifetime winnings in tournament poker alone sits at $1,370,582. He owns two World Series of Poker bracelets, which he won in 2004.

The Extreme Poker Team competes in poker events designed to test stamina and will power, as well as power prowess. Helppi won the first Extreme Poker title last year by winning a tournament that was held underwater. Varkonyi recently won another that was held on an Artic ice shelf.

The next Extreme Poker event is scheduled to take place sometime this summer. The plan is to have the players play in an airplane. Players who get knocked out will have to parachute to the ground.