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The Scoop -- Watch Part II with Jason Mercier on this Week's Episode

Mercier Analyzes a High Stakes Poker Hand he Played against Phil Ivey


Jason Mercier discusses a big hand he played against Phil Ivey on High Stakes Poker on this week’s episode of The Scoop (sponsored by Full Tilt Poker) on Card Player TV.

Check out his interview with Diego Cordovez and Adam Schoenfeld on Card Player TV and you can hear what it is like to play for extremely high stakes on live television.

Mercier really breaks down the hand he played against Ivey and analyzes his play along with Schoenfeld and Cordovez. Mercier also talks about how his table image against the most feared player in the game was an asset on the show.

Watch part II of the Jason Mercier interview on this week’s episode of The Scoop below:

Jason Mercier on the SCOOP

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