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World Series of Poker -- Richard Ashby Wins Event No. 21

Takes Home First Bracelet and $140,467


Richard AshbyHigh-stakes cash game player Richard Ashby took home his first bracelet late Saturday evening in event No. 21 ($1,500 seven-card stud).

Ashby outlasted a field of 408 players and one of the toughest final tables yet at the 2010 World Series of Poker to walk away with $140,467.

Joining Ashby at the final table of eight included Dan Heimiller, Sorel Mizzi, Pat Pezzin and Jon Turner.

Mizzi busted in sixth and as a result sits in second place in Card Player’s 2010 Player of the Year standings with 3,862 points.

Ashby came into heads-up play with an almost 2-1 chip deficit to Christine Pietsch, who was looking to be the first woman to earn a bracelet this summer.

However, Ashby battled back and now has $606,588 in career tournament earnings.

Here is a look at the final results:

1. Richard Ashby — $140,467
2. Christine Pietsch — $86,756
3. Darren Shebell — $55,955
4. Dan Heimiller — $40,544
5. Owais Ahmed — $29,809
6. Sorel Mizzi — $22,235
7. Pat Pezzin — $16,826
8. Jon Turner — $12,916

Here are the elimination hands as featured in Card Player’s live updates:

Jon TurnerJon Turner Eliminated in Eighth Place ($12,916)

Owais Ahmed had the bring-in and Jon Turner completed. Turner got the last of his chips in with a pair of queens exposed. Owais Ahmed called.

Jon Turner: (8Club Suit-6Heart Suit)-QSpade Suit-2Club Suit-QHeart Suit-QDiamond Suit-(X)

Owais Ahmed: (KClub Suit-5Club Suit)-3Club Suit-KDiamond Suit-10Club Suit-X-(XClub Suit)

Turner failed to fill up to beat Ahmed’s king-high flush by the end. Turner was eliminated.

Pat Pezzin Eliminated in Seventh Place ($16,826)

Sorel Mizzi completed. Pezzin raised all in and Mizzi called. The hands were exposed. The dealer dealt the remaining cards.

Mizzi: (JSpade Suit-10Heart Suit)-JDiamond Suit-6Club Suit-JHeart Suit-3Spade Suit-(9Diamond Suit)
Pezzin: (AClub Suit-6Spade Suit)-6Diamond Suit-9Heart Suit-2Heart Suit-KDiamond Suit-(10Diamond Suit)

Pezzin was eliminated by the trip jacks of Mizzi.

Sorel Mizzi

Sorel Mizzi Eliminated in Sixth Place ($22,235)

Christine Pietsch had the bring-in and Richard Ashby called. Sorel Mizzi completed and Darren Shebell called. Pietsch folded and Ashby called.

Ashby bet on fourth street and Mizzi raised. Shebell and Ashby called.

Ashby checked and Mizzi bet 17,000 for the last of his remaining stack. Shebell raised and Ashby folded. Mizzi and Shebell exposed:

Mizzi: (AClub Suit-QHeart Suit)-8Spade Suit-4Spade Suit-2Heart Suit-KHeart Suit-(8Club Suit)

Shebell: (2Club Suit-2Spade Suit)-10Spade Suit-2Diamond Suit-5Club Suit-7Spade Suit-(KDiamond Suit)

On the end, Mizzi’s pair of eights were no good against the three deuces of Shebell. Shebell was at 580,000 after the hand.

Owais Ahmed Eliminated in Fifth Place ($29,809)

Richard Ashby had the bring-in and was called by Owais Ahmed and Darren Shebell. Christine Pietsch completed. Ashby folded while the other two players called.

Pietsch: (QDiamond Suit-JHeart Suit)-KSpade Suit-3Heart Suit-9Spade Suit-AHeart Suit-(10Club Suit)

Ahmed: (8Diamond Suit-4Diamond Suit)-5Diamond Suit-JClub Suit-QClub Suit-2Heart Suit-(10Heart Suit)

Shebell: (X-X)-KSpade Suit-3Heart Suit-9Spade Suit-KHeart Suit-(X)

Pietsch led out on fourth street and Shebell raised. Ahmed called and Pietsch did as well. Shebell bet on fifth street and was called by both of his opponents. The same action occurred on sixth street but Ahmed called all in for his tournament life.

Shebell checked in the dark on seventh street. Pietsch bet and Shebell called.

Ahmed was unable to catch up and was eliminated. Shebell mucked.

Dan Heimiller Eliminated in Fourth Place ($40,544)

Dan Heimiller and Richard Ashby were tangled up in a hand. Both players checked on fourth street before Ashby bet on fifth street and Heimiller called for his tournament life.

Heimiller: (4Club Suit-3Spade Suit)-4Heart Suit-7Club Suit-8Heart Suit-10Spade Suit-(X)

Ashby: (9Spade Suit-7Spade Suit)-AHeart Suit-10Heart Suit-6Diamond Suit-2Club Suit-(8Diamond Suit)

Heimiller’s pair of fours were ahead up until seventh street. Ashby squeezed and hit his gutshot straight draw to send Heimiller to the rail. Ashby was at 260,000 after the hand.

Darren Shebell Eliminated in Third Place ($55,955)

Darren Shebell was all in on fifth street against Richard Ashby.

Shebell: (6Diamond Suit-6Spade Suit)-9Diamond Suit-ADiamond Suit-JDiamond Suit-6Club Suit-(8Heart Suit)

Ashby: (8Club Suit-8Spade Suit)-KHeart Suit-2Club Suit-KSpade Suit-3Heart Suit-(KClub Suit)

Ashby had two pair versus Shebell’s pair and flush draw. Shebell hit a third six on sixth street. However, Ashby filled up on seventh street, eliminating his opponent. Ashby was at 605,000 after the hand.

Christine PietschChristine Pietsch Eliminated in Second Place ($86,756), Richard Ashby Wins Event No. 21 ($140,467)

Richard Ashby had the bring-in and called the completion of Christine Pietsch. Pietsch bet on fourth street, Ashby raised and Pietsch reraised all in.

Richard Ashby: (QDiamond Suit-QClub Suit)-3Heart Suit-7Diamond Suit-9Club Suit-7Spade Suit-(JSpade Suit)

Christine Pietsch: (KClub Suit-10Diamond Suit)-JClub Suit-8Club Suit-10Spade Suit-ADiamond Suit-(2Heart Suit)

Pietsch was unable to overcome even Ashby’s queens in the hole and was eliminated in second place, which made Ashby the champion of the tournament.