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World Series of Poker -- Simon Watt Wins Event No. 11

Dwan Finishes Second and Misses Out on Millions From Bracelet Bets


Simon WattSimon Watt is the high-stakes gambler’s hero.

Early Monday morning the former software developer defeated cash-game legend Tom “durrrr” Dwan heads up in event No. 11 ($1,500 no-limit hold’em) at the 2010 World Series of Poker.

Watt, the 2009 APPT Auckland main event champion, prevented Dwan from winning the first bracelet of his young tournament career, and also saved the poker world about $12,500,000, according to Mike Matusow.

As soon as the WSOP began, Dwan took personal bracelet bets with a number of poker pros. A bracelet, Dwan said, could be worth over $2,000,000.

However, when heads-up play began against Watt, it appeared a victory would be worth much more than original estimates.

“[Dwan] was playing for the main event title right there,” Matusow said after Dwan’s second-place finish.

Tom DwanThe atmosphere around the final table felt more like the $10,000 no-limit hold’em championship than a $1,500 event. Fans and supporters of Dwan were chanting his name and applauding after every walk in the big blind.

Dwan ran well leading up to short-handed play, but he never found any sort of traction near the end. With just 13 big blinds, Dwan moved all in on the button with the QDiamond Suit 6Club Suit and was called by the 9Diamond Suit 9Club Suit of Watt. The board of AClub Suit ASpade Suit 8Club Suit ADiamond Suit KHeart Suit ran out in agony for Dwan and everyone rooting for him.

While Watt began to celebrate for winning $614,248 in prize money, Dwan left the Amazon Room without talking to anyone, clearly disappointed after outlasting all but one in the 2,563 player field.

Watt was all smiles after beating one of the best in the game to win his first bracelet.

“It was amazing,” Watt said. “It would have been crazy enough just being at a final table, but playing Durrrr heads up, it can’t really get much better than that.”

“They are going to put [your picture] on the Bobby’s Room wall,” Matusow interjected from across the final-table area. “Here is Simon, saved everyone from going broke.”

Here is a look at the final results:

1. Simon Watt — $614,248
2. Tom Dwan — $381,885
3. David Randall — $270,299
4. Austin McCormick — $194,939
5. Jason Young — $142,346
6. Shane Smith — $105,185
7. Marvin Rettenmaier — $78,861
8. Kyle Winter — $59,547
9. Eric Ladny — $45,603

Check out all of the elimination hands from the final table at’s live updates from the event.



over 11 years ago

WHAT!!!!???????? Durrrrrrrrrrrrrr couldnt twink stare and luckbox his way into a bracelet??. 2ND good for him. Maybe that will snap a little of that ego off It takes this luckbox 8 minutes to drop his chips in the pot every hand. WATTS!!!!!!!!!!!!! The "ego" will lose money this WSOP even with this score because he's too arrogant and egotistacal to just play poker. Take that little toad Obrestad and and Dwan and ship em!!!! on a raft to nowhere together. Best thing for everyone


over 11 years ago

Seriously, this is getting really old. A lengend???? Really??? How many bracelets does this lengend have?? 0! We'll see if anyone still talks about him 10 years from now, maybe in stories of their biggest cashes, thats about it. All about luck for him. Only reason he made the final table is he 5 bet with 1010 only to run into KK and then spike a 10. Luck Luck Luck.


over 11 years ago

Chris Moneymaker is a hero that luck boxed his way to fame...Dwan only gets lucky because he plays to get lucky. When the " pros" play only the top ten Phil Hellmuth hands, Dwan is going to beat you everytime. Doyle said it best in his book, win a ton of little pots so that when you are ready for the big play, you are now being staked by "others money". I play AK, Dwan plays 86 off, catches an 8, AK continues beats, Dwan re raises big...unless you are willing to go all in there, Dwan wins those every time. Nuff said, Dwan knows poker and poker players. We will see him in ten years. Get over yourselves, we are not as good as he is and to think of him as a luck box, only shows you being petty and jealous.