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PokerStars Launches New Cash-Game Poker Show on FOX

High-Stakes Game Will Include an Amateur Qualifier


Daniel Negreanu will play on the new show.Some of the most entertaining poker on TV is the high-stakes cash games that are seen on High Stakes Poker and special episodes of Poker After Dark.

Well, thanks to PokerStars, there’s now going to be another big cash game show on the air.

In late March, the popular poker site announced that it would be producing a high-stakes cash game on FOX called The Big Game.

“The show will feature some of the top names in the poker world playing $200/$400 NLHE with a $100,000 minimum buy-in,” the site explained. “Here’s where it gets interesting. PokerStars is going to give you a chance to sit with the best.”

Through online qualifying tournaments and an application process, PokerStars will allow one amateur a chance to out-duel Daniel Negreanu and others with a free $100,000 to play with. If that qualifier finishes the cash-game session with any profit whatsoever, whether it’s $500 or $150,000, he gets to keep all of the profit.

However, if the qualifier finishes down at any amount, he has to give it all back.

“Interest in the show has once again been overwhelming, and we are going to have some sick lineups that you are going to love,” Negreanu said in his blog.

PokerStars has been very active in getting itself TV exposure. The company produced the popular poker game show Million Dollar Challenge on FOX last fall, and signed a deal with ESPN2 to broadcast its future North American Poker Tour events.

The site has not yet announced when the new cash-game show will premiere.



over 12 years ago

you would think Negreanu would tire of these silly TV productions...starting to get over-exposed


over 12 years ago

Negreanu really needs this show. He must be broke from cash games. The reality though is he rarely plays cash games. Ivey, brunson and a few others play high stakes cash games everyday. He just plays on T.V. and loses of course.

I do like that he admits his game has leaks and he needs to improve. One thing he needs to do is stop talking.


over 12 years ago

You're right about the talking part pl2000. Good players have begun 'clocking' his commentary.


over 12 years ago

@THESHAM: "P.S.: I bet cardplayer will sensor me 'cause this view goes against their bread and butter namely online poker..(probably remove my comment right cardplayer?)"

Yep, we will remove this comment, but only because it's a copy/paste spam of your comment on another story. If anyone wants to read his comment, they can read it on the original story he posted it:

We certainly don't mind people speaking their minds so long as they 1) don't spam (and yes, copy/paste posting the same comment on multiple articles counts as spam and will result in account deletion if done again after a warning like this) and 2) aren't overly profane and/or abusive to other users.