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Poker Hand Discussion -- What Would You Do in This ‘Dream Situation’?

Tony 'Bond18' Dunst


In this weekly series, and the Card Player Pro poker video training site (powered by PokerSavvy Plus) are giving you a free, full-length training video. In each article, we will highlight a particularly interesting hand from that video that features unconventional play, and we will ask for your opinions on the hand.

Tell us what you think and how you’d play this week’s hand in the comments below.

Tony Bond18 Dunst Plays Pocket Kings

Video Title: $150 Super Tuesday Tournament Review

Coach: Tony “Bond18” Dunst

Video Description:

In this week’s free, full-length poker strategy video for Card Player Pro, poker professional Tony “Bond18” Dunst reviews a deep run in the $150 Super Tuesday tournament on PokerStars. (Warning: Video contains profanity.) Bond18 recaps all the important hands using a poker odds calculator to analyze some close all-in calls. He also works his way into some tough post-flop spots and breaks down his through process in each hand. A great training tool for players looking to win a big multi-table tournament!

Discussion Point:

And We Look Down and See Two Kings…

This is a rather simple spot, but one people tend to disagree about. What’s your take?
A highlight of the video comes at the 4:00 mark, when Tony finds himself in a unique spot with pocket kings. It’s early on in the $150 buy-in Super Tuesday tournament on PokerStars, and the player UTG+1 opens the pot to 90 with 15-30 blinds. The action folds to the player in the hijack (two from the button) who reraises to 300. The table folds around to Bond18, who looks down to see KHeart Suit KClub Suit.

Stack Sizes:

UTG+1: 2,925 (~97 Big Blinds)
Hijack: 2,885 (~96 Big Blinds)
Bond18: 2,850 (~96 Big Blinds)

What should Bond18 do? What do you think is the best play in this situation?
Should he reraise his kings and fold if someone else goes all in? Should he raise in hopes of getting all in before the flop? Should he flat-call and slow-play his kings to keep the first player in the pot? Should he even consider folding his kings?

Watch now to see how Tony played his kings as part of this free, full-length training video.

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almost 12 years ago

Only really one play, if anyone thinks fold I would love to play with them. With possibly 3 players in the pot flat calling would be a little dumb, just afraid of one hand the only play possible is raising. If they then push you probably still have to call, at least in a live setting you could look at them and try and pick up a tell that they have AA. Apart from that you're betting all you have with those kings.


almost 12 years ago

For the most part, I agree with Prieure. Re-raising here seems to be the best choice. I'd hope to induce a fold from the opening raiser and have it heads up with the Hijack. But if he comes back with a four-bet, I would seriously consider folding. Early on in big multi-table tournaments is about survival. It's likely you have very little information on how this guy plays. Sure he could be some rookie over-valuing AK or AQ or he could just be lucky enough to have picked up AA early on. Either way if he four-bets back, I would probably fold. You can still get away with plenty of blinds to play comfortably. No use risking going bust so early in the tournament.
I didn't watch the video (takes up too much data) so maybe I'm missing some important info. And I don't know how the hand ended up. That's just my 2 cents.


almost 12 years ago

sorry charlies, i beg to differ.....i would flat call as an ace is already been represented by the raiser. If an ace should flop then at least i would still have a chance to get away from the hand if i felt an ace was really paired up. Also if the flop came xQQ or XJJ i might be concerned about getting too much into the pot. I just dont see any reason to risk tourney life on ANY 2 preflop unless other factors are at hand.


almost 12 years ago

I just don't think flat calling would be good here. You don't want a 3 hand pot here especially out of position. And of course the Ace is being represented by the raiser, but the re-raiser is representing a big pocket pair. MAYBE AK but probably pocket pair. You want to represent your pocket pair and hope the initial raiser (maybe has a hand like AJ or AQ) gets your message that they are behind right now.