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Phil Gordon Is Done With Celebrity Poker Showdown

Wants to Continue Commentating Poker


Phil Gordon won't have to sit next to the "Loser's Lounge" anymore. After hosting 42 episodes of the Game Show Network's Celebrity Poker Showdown, he is finished. He cohosted the show with Comedian Dave Foley.

The show was filmed at the Palms in Las Vegas and pitted a wide range of celebrities against each other at the poker table. The celebrities played for their favorite charity.

On the show, the Loser's Lounge is where players were sent to after they lost all their chips. It was right next to the broadcast desk, where Gordon played a kind of play-by-play announcer next to Foley's color-man bit.

Gordon is the author of Phil Gordon's Little Green Book: Lessons and Teachings in No Limit Texas Hold'em and hosts a DVD called Final Table Poker with Phil Gordon.

He has cashed for more than $1.1 million in poker tournaments. He traveled the world after the Silicon Valley company that used to employ him was bought for $95 million. Gordon got his share of the cash, and hasn't worked with computers since. The first thing he did was pack his bags and travel to more than 50 countries.

Through his PR firm, Gordon released this statement:

"Our last tapings were in April, 2005. In November, 2005, I determined that I wanted to go in a different direction with my television career. I am ready to move on as I no longer have any contracted obligations to the producers of the show. I am seeking out opportunities to host and broadcast tournaments for professional poker players.

"After 42 episodes of Celebrity Poker, I just want to see people play in turn, bet more than $200 into a $5000 pot, and know when they have the nuts. Nothing would give me greater pleasure than saying 'Phil Hellmuth loses another big pot and it looks like he's ready to implode!' on nation television.

"I love broadcasting and, with some hard work and good luck, I'll find a show that needs, wants, and respects a quality analyst with experience, credibility, charisma, and character. I truly value the time that I spent with the folks at Celebrity Poker. I wish them well and thank them for everything that they've done for my career. It was a great ride, but it was time to hop off and find a bigger and faster roller coaster."