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RealDealPoker Confirms What Its Players Want Announces Result of Poll Based on Players' Online Experiences


Cut N', a poker site which made news late last year for its Cut N’ Shuffle system, its use of burn cards, and its post-game auditing system, has conducted a questionnaire among players who have already signed up before the site’s launch in March.

The questionnaire was created in order to find out how people feel about their current experience of online poker. The site which polled 1,300 players announced today that it found 63 percent of those polled are not satisfied with their current online poker experience, 46 percent elect to play at a site with a good reputation, and 36 percent choose a site they can trust.

Overall the results show that players expect a fair game on a trustworthy site, and that is what Gene Gioia, founder of and its revolutionary systems, is aiming for.

He said, "We have developed a system I will stand behind 100 percent as being the best there is, and win or lose, we can show you that it was real. I say this with confidence because the only fair game of poker I know is a deck of cards that has been scrambled, shuffled, and cut and then dealt in the order of that deck with no one knowing what that order is.

“It has taken us five years to get here but here we are and I am proud to bring you poker online, instead of online poker, and I look forward to hearing what players think when they have had a chance to play.”