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Real Deal Online Poker to Revolutionise Virtual Game

Unique Online Poker Site Dedicated to Making Play More Fair to Launch Next Year


Cut N' ShuffleRed Planet Gaming Inc. will supply Gioia International Limited with software in order for it to launch its new online poker site,, in the new year. What is different about the site is that it will not use random number generators to deal the cards. Instead, the founder of the site, Gene Gioia has attempted to replicate live poker by including features such as Cut N’ Shuffle, burn cards, and Game Check.

The Cut N’ Shuffle system is a real card dealing system which scrambles and shuffles real decks of cards, digitizes the results, and then translates them to its online poker table games. Each hand is dealt with one single deck of cards, plus the player on the button must decide whether or not to cut the deck prior to game play. This ensures that its actually the players who determine the results of each game. Functions and procedures have also been designed to prevent “bots” from participating.

Game CheckThe other unique feature is Game Check — the first system to produce audited results post-game.

Chief Executive Officer of Red Planet Gaming Inc, Vahe Baloulian, said, “I have never seen someone as committed as Gene Gioia to bringing a truly remarkable product to the market. His passion and understanding of what poker is about has resulted in a product that will make the poker world sit up and take note. I am delighted that Red Planet Gaming is partnering Gioia International Limited in this unique venture.”

The site using this innovative technology, is due to launch in Feb. 2010, but for now players can still sign up and reserve their screen names. The company also recently launched its new holding site, which precedes the actual site going live. This represents what the actual site will be like when it is launched.

Gene Gioia, Founder of Gioia International Limited said, “This is a unique moment in the company’s history. In addition to assembling a first rate management team, we have found in Red Planet Gaming Inc a partner who shares our passion for bringing a truly fair game of poker to players around the world and changing the face of poker online as we know it today.”