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Online Poker – Isildur1 Gets Crushed By Antonius, Ivey

Antonius Once Again Breaks Record for Largest Online Pot in History


Patrik AntoniusIt may seem foolish to write an article updating Isildur1’s action, knowing full well that the winners and losers can seemingly swap places in a matter of hours, but Saturday night’s action on Full Tilt Poker was much too epic to ignore.

Yes, the largest online pot in history record was broken … again, but that was hardly the story. In nearly 4,500 hands of high-stakes carnage, both Phil Ivey and Patrik Antonius would claim seven-figure scores against the Swedish player Isildur1.

Here’s a quick update for those who haven’t been following the storyline. Isildur1 burst onto the scene as a complete unknown and racked up $6 million in winnings in just over three weeks time, more than half of which was from Tom “durrrr” Dwan. Then he took on Antonius and lost back approximately $2.7 million. The trouble continued as he lost $900,000 to Ivey, but he bounced back to take $1 million from Ilari “Ziigmund” Sahamies.

The swings continued, however, and Antonius and Ivey were able to pick up all of that and more, leaving the Swede with about $3 million in profit, overall.

You’d think that Isildur1 would be able to spot his kryptonite by now, but he continued to fight on against the two players who clearly had his number. Sure, he was able to pick up roughly $800,000 from Dwan earlier in the day during a quick session, but he would need every cent of that to cover his astronomical losses later that night.

Phil IveyAgreeing to multi-table against Ivey and Antonius simultaneously at $500-$1,000 stakes, Isildur1 quickly found himself on the losing end of some costly coin-flips, and hours later, his cashier page was missing about $3.3 million.

Normally when you win $1.2 million in a single session, you are easily the biggest winner of the week, let alone the night, but Ivey’s performance on Saturday would have to settle for second place. Antonius quit the game with a $2.1 million win, putting his total from Isildur1 at about $3.7 million overall. According to estimates, Isildur1 is now up just $750,000 on the month, a far cry from the $6 million he held previously.

During the session, Antonius and Isildur1 topped their previous record, set just last week, for largest online pot. The Card Player Omaha Odds Calculator shows that the hand basically amounted to a glorified coin-flip, but it went Antonius’ way and gave him all of the momentum he needed to continue his run.

Here’s a look at the hand details:

Blinds Full Tilt Poker $500-$1,000
Player Isildur1 Patrik Antonius
Cash $678,474 $1,259,450
Hand 9Spade Suit 8Heart Suit 7Diamond Suit 6Diamond Suit AHeart Suit KHeart Suit KSpade Suit 3Spade Suit

Isildur1 raised to $3,000 in the small blind, and Antonius reraised to $9,000. Isildur1 reraised to $27,000 and Antonius five-bet to $81,000. Isildur1 made the call, and the two players saw a flop of 5Club Suit 4Spade Suit 2Heart Suit.

Antonius continued with a bet of $93,000, and Isildur1 raised to $435,000, committing himself to the pot. Antonius put him all in for his last $162,474. Isildur1 called all in, and the pot surged to $1,356,947.

Antonius showed AHeart Suit KHeart Suit KSpade Suit 3Spade Suit for the flopped wheel and two backdoor-flush draws, but Isildur1 was drawing very live with his 9Spade Suit 8Heart Suit 7Diamond Suit 6Diamond Suit. The turn and river fell 5Heart Suit and 9Club Suit, and the wheel held to give Antonius the pot.

The action is sure to continue, and you can catch it all on Full Tilt Poker. Card Player readers are eligible for a deposit bonus of up to $600. Click the banner below for more information.



almost 12 years ago

isildur should take whatever profit he/she has left and quit while still ahead. Luck is evening out and Ivey and Antonius are just too good at Omaha, surely the point of bankroll management is to pick the right game to play, PLO against these guys is just asking to lose every dime, stick to NL Holdem.


almost 12 years ago

funny how the coinflips always go to ivey and patrik. Oh right, they are owners of FTP


almost 12 years ago

Considering how many hands they have played on the site, if something was rigged or they were cheating, it almost certainly would have been discovered by now, just like it was discovered that Russ Hamilton was cheating at UB.


almost 12 years ago

He should just play Durrr.He has his number.


almost 12 years ago

his luck will run out. he won 360 k in one hand against ivey preflop when ivey had poket aces and isildur had poket jacks. he got lucky with a river straight to beat ivey