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Poker Strategy -- Justin Young Gives Analysis on CPTV

Young Makes a Huge Call With Ace High at Bellagio Festa Al Lago


Justin YoungJustin Young has proven himself to be one of the best up-and-coming players on the tournament circuit. In a short two-year period of time, Young has already amassed nearly $2.3 million in both online and live winnings, with the majority of that coming at the Bellagio in Las Vegas.

At the 2009 WPT Festa Al Lago Championship, Young showed off some more of his skills, firing three streets with air, getting raised and still finding the correct call with just ace high.

Here, in this edition of Card Player TV’s Turning Point, Young offers up his analysis on the hand and even admits that it took him a while to come to his decision.

Event – Blinds/Antes Festa Al Lago 800-1,600 with a 200 ante
Players Justin Young Unknown
Chip Count 190,500 265,000
Hand AHeart Suit10Heart Suit X-X

The Hand

Justin Young raised in early position and a player on the button made the call. The flop came out 8Heart Suit7Club Suit5Club Suit and Young continued with a bet of 6,500.

His opponent called and the turn was the QSpade Suit. Young bet 13,500 and once again his opponent made the call.

The river was the 2Diamond Suit and Young fired in 25,000. His opponent announced a raise and then slid in 75,000.

Young thought for about a minute before deciding to make the call. His opponent mucked without showing and Young turned over the AHeart Suit10Heart Suit to take the pot with just ace high.

His Analysis