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Poker Sites Eurolinx and BetonBet Cease Trading

More Sites on Microgaming Network Put into Liquidation


The Linx Media Group which operates online poker rooms Eurolinx and BetonBet has announced that it has ceased trading and is now putting its sites into liquidation. These sites, plus Linx Casino, were members of the Microgaming Network, but software license agreements have since been terminated.

Liquidators have yet to be appointed, according to a statement released on, but for now all player funds are being held. A company spokesperson from the Group said, “It is with great regret that we make this announcement. I appreciate the concern and frustration that this will inflict on the Eurolinx, BetOnBet, and Linx Casino player community.

“Affected account holders are those individuals who have agreed to a contractual relationship with the Linx Media Group through Eurolinx, BetOnBet and Linx Casino. All available player funds are held by these businesses. As soon as we have information on how to lodge claims with the liquidators, we will communicate this via, and”

Microgaming has experienced similar circumstances before, such as when it terminated its license with Tusk Investment Corporation last year. Tusk operated more than 25 online poker sites including Battlefield Poker, Royal Card Club, Red Nines, Arctic Poker, Raw Poker,, Berserk Poker, Atomik Poker, and Dave’s Poker Room.