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WSOP -- Anthony Harb Wins Event No. 11

Harb Pockets $569,199 and His First Bracelet


Anthony HarbThe World Series of Poker is clearly more of a marathon than a sprint and the final day of event no. 11 was a clear indication of that. After a long, slow-moving three days of action, Anthony Harb came out on top of a field of 1,646 players.

Harb earned $569,199 for the victory, but was more focused on his accomplishment than the prize money after the final hand went down. “It hasn’t even sunk in that I’ve won over half of a million dollars. Man, it’s all about the bracelet.”

The tournament paid out 171 players and among the notables to go deep were Kenny Hicks (50th), Blake Stepp (48th), Jonathan Aguiar (32nd), Phil Hellmuth (29th), Jose Rosenkrantz (23rd) and Jason Koon (17th).

Here are the final table results:

1. Anthony Harb — $569,199
2. Peter Rho — $350,019
3. Jim Geary — $230,670
4. Adam Adler — $161,768
5. Jonathan McGowan — $116,833
6. Adrian Dresel-Velasquez — $92,867
7. Scott Hall — $76,390
8. Michael Dyer — $65,905
9. Brent Sheirbon — $59,315

Here are the elimination hands according to’s Live Updates:

Brent Sheirbon Eliminated in Ninth Place ($59,315)

Brent Sheirbon moved all in preflop for 404,000 and Anthony Harb made the call. Their cards:

Sheirbon: 3Heart Suit3Spade Suit
Harb: ADiamond SuitAClub Suit

Board: QHeart Suit8Club Suit4Heart Suit2Heart SuitJClub Suit

Sheirbon was eliminated and Harb was up to 1.8 million.

Michael Dyer Eliminated in Eighth Place ($65,905)

Michael Dyer moved all in preflop and Scott Hall reraised all in on top. Everyone else mucked and they flipped up their hands:

Dyer: AHeart Suit5Heart Suit
Hall: ADiamond SuitKDiamond Suit

Board: 10Club Suit3Spade Suit3Diamond Suit10Heart SuitKClub Suit

Dyer was eliminated on the hand and Hall grew his stack to 1.6 million.

Scott Hall Eliminated in Seventh Place ($76,390)

Peter Rho raised to 105,000 from the cutoff and Scott Hall reraised to 360,000 from the big blind. Rho reraised to 1,500,000 and Hall made the all-in call for 1,430,000. Their cards:

Rho: QClub SuitQHeart Suit
Hall: ADiamond SuitKClub Suit

Board: QDiamond Suit4Spade Suit3Heart Suit3Spade Suit10Club Suit

Hall was eliminated and Rho took the chip lead with more then 4 million.

Adrian Dresel-Velasquez Eliminated in Sixth Place ($92,867)

Adrian Dresel-Velasquez moved all in preflop on a short stack and Adam Adler called him down. Their cards:

Dresel-Velasquez: KDiamond SuitQSpade Suit
Adler: 10Spade Suit10Heart Suit

Board: 8Heart Suit6Diamond Suit4Spade Suit7Heart Suit4Heart Suit

Dresel-Velasquez was eliminated and Adler grew his stack to 1.9 million.

Jonathan McGowan Eliminated in Fifth Place ($116,833)

Adam Adler raised under the gun and Jonathan McGowan made the call on the button. Anthony Harb reraised to 600,000 from the small blind and Adler mucked. McGowan moved all in and Harb made the call. Their cards:

McGowan: QHeart SuitQClub Suit
Harb: KClub SuitKDiamond Suit

Board: JDiamond Suit7Diamond Suit7Club SuitJHeart Suit5Club Suit

Adam Adler Eliminated in Fourth Place ($161,768)

Anthony Harb raised and Adam Alder reraised. Harb put Adler all in and Adler called with KDiamond SuitQDiamond Suit.

Harb showed AHeart SuitQHeart Suit and it held when the board came 8Club Suit7Heart Suit5Diamond Suit3Spade Suit7Spade Suit.

Jim Geary Eliminated in Third Place ($230,670)

Jim Geary moved all in for his last 1,370,00 in the small blind and Anthony Harb instantly called with ADiamond SuitKSpade Suit. Geary showed a dominated AClub Suit8Diamond Suit and it failed to catch up when the board ran out JSpade Suit5Heart Suit4Club Suit4Heart Suit10Club Suit.

Anthony Harb Wins Event No. 11 ($569,199) Peter Rho Eliminated in Second Place ($350,019)

On a board reading KHeart Suit9Heart Suit8Diamond SuitJClub Suit, Peter Rho was all in and insta-called by Anthony Harb.

Rho showed 9Diamond Suit8Spade Suit for two pair, but was way behind and drawing to four outs against Harb’s QSpade Suit10Diamond Suit for the straight. The river was a harmless 4Club Suit and Rho was eliminated in second place, earning $350,019.

Harb won his first career bracelet and a nice payday of $569,199.