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Poker Pro Erica Schoenberg Returns to The Scoop

Player Talks About Her Blackjack Days and Her Image


Most professional blackjack players are wary of pit bosses, constantly looking over their shoulder to see if their hours of card-counting are about to come to an abrupt end. While Erica Schoenberg shared this paranoia, the popular poker pro lightheartedly admits to The Scoop that, with her physique, she was usually mistaken for a hooker rather than a hustler.

Schoenberg tells Adam Schoenfeld and Diego Cordovez some more details of her blackjack-playing days on this week’s edition of The Scoop (sponsored by Full Tilt). She tells of trying to find her way in her twenties, the benefits of being raised in a gambling family, and her time at the World Series of Blackjack. She also discussed how the novelty wore off, and why she finds poker so much more enjoyable.

Known as one of the most attractive women on the poker circuit, Schoenberg has often been classified as “the poker babe.” Never a big fan of the nickname, she is now determined to rid herself of it. In this week’s episode, she contemplates a new nickname while discussing who might be able to take over her former label.

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